How to Make Homemade Mocha Coffee

How to Make Homemade Mocha Coffee

Pour Over CoffeeHello fellow coffee lovers! Is it safe to say that if you’re reading this blog you can NOT start your day without the smell and taste of coffee? Hands up? I thought so. As with most things in life I most definitely wasn’t always a big coffee lover, or had any type of appreciation for a good cup of coffee. I was lucky enough to have my first job in a restaurant and learned how to make a cappuccino, not by just pressing a button. Coffee makers these days have made it so easy. We steamed the milk by hand, scooped and packed the espresso. It was a whole ritual. It wasn’t until about 5 or 6 years ago that I examined my coffee habit and realized how it needed to revamp.

My husband and I would prep the coffee the night before, start the machine first thing when we woke up (our pour over machine doesn’t have a timer) and mindlessly drink our coffee. We would finish a pot without thinking twice and I’d get to work and drink even more. I can honestly tell you I didn’t even taste the coffee, it was a habit that we repeated constantly without thinking about it. 

One night, I don’t know what it was that clicked, but I finally said that’s it, this is the last can of coffee we buy. From now on we’re going to buy organic, locally sourced good coffee. It’s the first thing we put in our bodies in the morning, it is worth investing in. And let’s get real. It doesn’t cost THAT much more. Add up how much is spent if you stop for a takeout coffee or two. I 100% believe that we vote with our dollars. Shopping local and supporting local keeps our money local and helps our small business owners. GRASSETTO coffee has to be hands down my favourite. It’s a staple for us in our house and always makes the best gift for fellow coffee friends!! 

To this day my favourite way to brew a cup of coffee is by first freshly grinding the beans (better flavour that way everyone!) boiling a pot of water and using a pour over. It slows down the ritual of making coffee. Not going to lie I use to think making coffee this way took FOREVER, It doesn’t. I start the kettle, get changed into my gym clothes and by the time I’m back into the kitchen the water is boiling, I pour it over the beans and I’m headed into my workout with a delish cup of coffee! 

My morning coffee involves a splash of coconut milk(dairy and I don’t get along), give it a quick froth with a handheld frother and top it up! 

Oh and if you don’t drink everything from your pot of pour over, don’t you DARE throw it out. Put it in a mason jar and keep in the fridge. I have a great cold brew smoothie recipe coming for you!

What does your coffee routine look like? Is it different on the weekend? Would love to hear how you mix it up! 

Brewing Coffee

How to Make Homemade Mocha Coffee


500ml KNOCKOUT cold brew 

2 tbsp peanut butter

½ banana (preferably frozen) 

1 scoop of protein of choice (I use manitoba harvest vanilla hemp protein)

1 tbsp cocoa 

1 medjool date

Handful of baby spinach *Optional, if you want to up your greens! 

Add all of the ingredients into your blender, blend it up until smooth! 

You can make some modifications to this mix if you’d like. Add a bit of plain yogurt to make it extra creamy or top it with some nuts, seeds or hemp hearts. 

I love to top with a few cacao nibs. 

Hope you enjoy it!! 

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